The Lightning Network’s “Justice” Mechanism – Part 2: The WatchTowers

Second Thread of JohnOnChain dedicated to the Lightning Network anti-cheat devices. The first part is available here.

Our fraudster does not budge and will refine his strategy. He knows that the time lock is limited and depends on the size of the channel. Good thing he has another channel with our victim. The time lock is 144 blocks (1 day). It is therefore sufficient for the fraudster to ensure that his victim has a major failure preventing him from reconnecting in less than 24 hours. The plan is without a hitch (he thinks).

Here is the state of the channel (this is the first):
– 445K sats on the side of the fraudster
– 554K sats on the victim’s side

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The fraudster will make a backup of his state file (channel.db) before an opportunity opens. He makes his payment of 100K sats. New scale:
– 345 K sats on the fraudster side
– 654 K sats on the victim side.

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The victim’s knot falls again. This time the failure is more serious and it takes at least a week to repair its node. On the side of the fraudster, he waits patiently. After a day of breakdown, he tries his luck. It will restore its state file (channel.db):

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… and force …

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